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We offer an environmentally ethical, hardware asset re-deployment service. Traditionally businesses dispose of their pre-owned or unwanted network hardware as per certain governmental recycling initiatives, and in some cases have to pay for this service.

However, by working with Afinitek we will help you establish whether your unwanted used or unused networking and IT equipment actually has any financial value. If so, we will offer you a competitive market valuation based on certain simple criteria.

We can provide a financial return to your budget to increase cash flow. Alternatively, by using our asset recovery service you can offset funds raised by re-deploying your hardware assets against new purchases which Afinitek can also provide and support if required.

You can be assured that your unwanted items will be redeployed and reused elsewhere, meaning that it is an environmentally sound alternative to purchasing new equipment.

All items are given full and comprehensive checks and are tested to ensure they are in full working order. Any previous data or configurations are fully removed. We then reset to full factory default before being re-marketed.

We can arrange for items to be collected from your premises anywhere in the UK and delivered to us for testing.

Most manufacturers’ hardware is considered for re-deployment, however older hardware generations may not be eligible.

We are interested in both new old stock and used desktop, networking and telephony hardware and work closely with customers to realise monetary value on the excess equipment they no longer need.

We've worked with businesses such as data centres, networking companies, telco's and end users who have unwanted hardware due to cancelled projects, upgrades or office closures. We are particularly interested servers and their components, switches, routers, firewalls, certain desktops and laptops, firewalls, WiFi access points, and certain phone systems.

While not all used equipment has value, we work closely with many hardware stockists and will work on your behalf to achieve the best value for your unwanted hardware.


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