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Client Quotes

We have worked with Afinitek for 4 years and have bought Cisco equipment from them for customer projects we are working on. So when one of our large public sector clients came to us to ask us to support their Cisco environment of over 70 devices we employed the Caretek service from Afinitek. Caretek enables us access to Cisco software updates which we deploy to all devices and in the event of a device failure we know a replacement will be sent direct to our customer site within the SLA timeframe we signed up to. Total piece of mind at the right price.
Andrew Thomas - J-Co Ltd
We have purchased several Cartetek support packages for our clients networks. It would be impossible for us to hold stock of all the parts that make up the networks we support so really like the fact that we know replacement parts will be sent when we report a fault. It allows us to focus on what we do best which is supporting the customer and not sourcing replacement parts. We like the fact we can buy IT hardware from Afinitek too, it keeps everything all under one roof.
Iain G. MD of ITSCO Ltd
Afinitek always provides the most competitive costs for our HP requirements, combined with an excellent service and prompt deliveries enables us to repeatedly win business and exceed our customers expectations.
Matt B - C-verge Net
The Caretek support gave us peace of mind in extending the life of our hosting platform when we migrated from one data centre to another. We had an occasion to call out an engineer to replace a failed hard drive. The call was handled promptly and professionally and well within the SLA, It enabled our hosted environment to continue running. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Caretek, It’s a great service and very sensibly priced.
S. Bell - S-Bass Software Ltd

Caretek Post Warranty Support

Caretek is a flexible range of hardware replacement and extended warranty services which are a cost effective alternative to the manufacturers own offering.

The Caretek service allows customers access to our 24×7 help-desk to report faults or failures.  Our highly trained support engineers will work with you to assist with the fault or failure and then put a resolution into affect quickly and professionally. If we feel that the item can be fixed remotely we will attempt to do so, however in some cases we will simply replace the faulty item. As an option we can have an engineer attend site to fix the issue, or simply send parts to site for the customer to fix if they choose. All of the fault diagnosis and replacement if applicable is carried out within the subscribed Service Level Agreement (SLA) timeframe.

When buying network hardware or desktop computers it is wise to have the items covered with an extended warranty.  An extended warranty will cover you for a full replacement in the event of the item or one of its components failing beyond repair.

Each hardware manufacturer has its own extended warranty service with a range of service level agreements to suit your business, however they can be expensive, impersonal and lack flexibility.

Whether you have a mixture of HP, Dell, Cisco or IBM hardware running within your network and whether you have a combination of new and legacy equipment with many different service level agreements that terminate at different points of the year, Caretek gives you one contract to manage with one renewal date all at a low cost per annum.


Service Level Agreement Options (SLAs)

Caretek covers devices from leading vendors such as hp, Cisco, hp Procurve, Dell, Juniper and IBM.

Products that can be supported include routers, switches, firewalls, wireless, telephony, servers and their componants, storage devices.

We have the technical expertise to succesfully respond to a variety of network scenarios quickly and efficiently.

Tailored Service Levels

Caretek offers various service level agreements based on the requirement of the customer. If you require your core infrastructure to be supported on a 24×7 basis but non critical devices to be supported from 9am to 5pm we can accommodate.

One of the key elements of the service agreement is FIX or RESPONSE. If you require a guaranteed FIX service level then we will identify the fault and visit your site if required and fix the problem, if you require RESPONSE for less critical network items then we will respond within the service timeframe.

With all support contracts our customers are provided with a single point of contact via our service desk regardless of the SLA level.

This ensures all faults can be logged into our central monitoring system and updates can be given to our customers quickly and efficiantly.

Standard SLAs