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When buying network hardware or desktop computers it is wise to have the items covered with an extended warranty. An extended warranty will cover you for a full replacement in the event of the item or one of its components failing beyond repair.

Caretek is the name we have given to our range of flexible hardware replacement and extended warranty services which are a cost-effective alternative to the manufacturers own offering.

The Caretek service allows customers access to our 24×7 help-desk to report faults or failures. Our highly trained support engineers will work with you to identify hardware issues and work on efficient resolutions.

If we feel the faulty hardware item can be fixed remotely we will attempt to do so, if it is deemed an item of hardware has failed beyond repair we will arrange a whole or part replacement from our nationwide spares holdings. As an option, an engineer can attend site to fix the issue, or we can simply send parts to site for the customer to fix. All fault diagnosis and hardware replacements (if applicable) are carried out within the subscribed Service Level Agreement (SLA) timeframe.

Caretek is a cross-vendor and cross-technology service and can cater for multiple manufacturers and hardware types within your network and can accommodate combinations of new and legacy equipment.

We have a range of flexible, low-cost service level agreements which can be tailored to your business requirements.




All customers have access to our online portal which serves as a repository to store important information relevant to their account. Information such as live and historical quotations, placed orders and hardware break-fix contracts.

Information such as serial number, part code, service level agreement, phone number and contract number is available all in one place along with easy to follow instructions on how to log a call.

We want to ensure our customer are not wasting time searching for phone numbers or serial numbers when they need urgent assistance for downed hardware.

Within the portal, customers can also make notes regarding special instructions which can be relayed to the helpdesk operator. These instructions could be specific directions which one of our engineers attending site might need such as rack locations if attending a data centre, or specific access instructions if visiting site out of hours.

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Spares are held at secure, strategic locations across the UK which ensures individual components or full replacement items can be accessed quickly and shipped directly to the customer.

Depending on the SLA taken out, spares can be delivered for a customer to install or can installed by one of our engineers when they arrive on site.

We always ensure that we have enough spares and full, replacement units for each contract we have in place, meaning there is never a risk of not being able to get failed hardware up and running within the proscribed service level agreement timescale.


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